Covid-19 update: Both Wildflower events are still scheduled and registrations are open. We are monitoring the situation and complying with all health regulations as we move forward. Our Wildflower Cycling Club began the season the first week of May with VIRTUAL club rides and will be moving to in person club rides starting in June. Follow Wildflower Cycling Club on Facebook for details. We are committed to protecting and preserving our cycling community for women - thank you!

2019 Results

Wildflower Trailfest was held July 13th at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. Course options allowed for Giant Hyssop (13 miles) or Tiny Trumpet (6 miles) mtb ride in competitive or noncompetitive heats. Additionally Tiny Trumpet (6 miles) as a trail run option. 

Below are the top three finishers from each category:

 Giant Hyssop:

  1. Christine Tepley-Pratt – 1:34:45 (*not the Chris Pratt from Guardians of the Galaxy, Parks and Rec, Jurassic Park ;) We have our own super hero!)
  2. Nina Neider – 1:35:00 (Just 14 years old!)
  3. Nina Jarnot – 1:35:20 (Two Ninas in the top three!? What are the odds?)

 Tiny Trumpet:

  1. Leslie Fredette – 39:27
  2. Serena Young – 40:48
  3. Danita Ritter – 42:30

Tiny Trumpet Run:

  1. Lilia Alvarez – 54:30 (a cousin of one of our volunteers, visiting town, apparently runs for Stanford!? Ringer for sure)
  2. Jessica Clark – 63:00
  3. Lauren Edmonson – 70:00

Results are currently posted on race entry, you can view them here: RaceEntry

If you see any discrepancies please email

We saw a lot of amazing performances from above and also everyone who just FINISHED. Congratulations! It is no small feat heading out in the rain, wind sleet and finishing. 

All photos available here: Wildflower Trailfest 2019