2021 Trailfest Results

Wildflower Trailfest was held July 10th at Powder Mountain in Eden, Utah. Course options allowed for Giant Hyssop (13 miles) or Tiny Trumpet (6 miles) mtb ride in competitive or noncompetitive heats. Additionally Tiny Trumpet (6 miles) was offered a trail run option. 

Below are the top three finishers from each category:

 Giant Hyssop:

  1. Jeanette Peterson – 1:16:10 
  2. JuliaAnne Toniolli – 1:27:00 
  3. Rebecca Hadfield – 1:18:15 

 Tiny Trumpet:

  1. Abby Trudeau – 35:20
  2. Caelyn Hart – 37:25
  3. Chloe Boutelle – 40:10

Tiny Trumpet Run:

  1. Mykaela Nielsen – 59:25
  2. Amara Janke – 1:00:30
  3. Katie Frandsen – 1:05:15 

Results are currently posted on race entry, you can view them here: RaceEntry

If you see any discrepancies please email info@wildfloweroutdoor.com.

We saw a lot of amazing performances from above and also everyone who just FINISHED. Congratulations!

The complete photo album for the 2021 Wildflower Trailfest presented by Bank of Utah is available here: Wildflower Trailfest

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