Covid-19 update: Both Wildflower events are still scheduled and registrations are open. We are monitoring the situation and complying with all health regulations as we move forward. Our Wildflower Cycling Club began the season the first week of May with VIRTUAL club rides and will be moving to in person club rides starting in June. Follow Wildflower Cycling Club on Facebook for details. We are committed to protecting and preserving our cycling community for women - thank you!


Ride like a Wildflower … Beautiful, Strong & Free!

We believe all women deserve a day free of planning, schedules, responsibilities, and taking care of everyone else. For women who love to cycle, join us at the Wildflower Pedalfest and Trailfest where we have every detail covered so you can feel free to enjoy a day on your bike, free to spend time with your girlfriends and other amazing women, free to challenge yourself, free to laugh, free to learn, and free to celebrate the beauty and strength that is found in each of us. 

Our 2019 season is just wrapping up! Check out our Trailfest results or Pedalfest results using the links across the top of this page. We'll be opening club memberships for the 2020 season soon.

Who puts on Wildflower events?

Hey! It's us - Kim and Nick Bowsher. We're the husband and wife duo behind Wildflower Outdoor as of October 2018. As the original lead on Wildflower, Stacie, was looking to make some life changes and retire the events, we knew that Wildflower was something we wanted to see continue and to blossom!

We've been big fans of putting the fun on two wheels and our cycling time is something we truly cherish for ourselves and our two young boys. Bike time is the best time.

We worked with Stacie all of last year to create a smooth transition of the Wildflower events and the 2019 season was our first behind the wheel. We love everything that Wildflower has come to stand for - for me (Kim) the Trailfest was my first ever MTB coordinated ride and I fell in love with the vibe and spirit of Wildflower on the spot! Women supporting women in trying something new and seeing it through start to finish - that's what Wildflower is here for.

Whether you ride road or trail, ride every day or haven't pedaled more than five miles in your life, we have an event for you and we're here to support you in making your cycling dreams come true.

Have an idea or a suggestion? Shoot us an email at info{at}

We look forward to seeing you out on two wheels!